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Our multi practice groups have managed risk for all sized organisations and across a variety of disciplines. Our expertise lies in joining up areas of your business that should be talking to each other, but aren't, with the goal of reducing risk. We aim to cover many of the relevant areas to you where you may lack in-house expertise, so we can become your trusted advisor, building our knowledge of your needs across your business and giving you a more efficient process in turn, with fewer third party interfaces to manage.

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience working within the food, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, insurance, energy, financial services, media and retail industries. We offer solutions to complex risks with our Business Shock-Proofing process. From our locations in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong and using our years of broad expertise in a variety of companies and sectors we can help you gain a greater understanding of the threats, dangers and risks that may impact your business.

Our analysis, modelling, advice and solutions result in a more resilient business, with financial and reputational protection from your up-skilled, more risk aware team. Unlike other consultancies we believe that our fees should be tied to performance and results. We are so confident in our approach that if we do not deliver value that is greater than our fees then you pay nothing. We are in the risk business, so shouldn't our first achievement be to de-risk ourselves for you?

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We started Sekana because we saw businesses making the same mistakes time and time again, and decided to offer an alternative.


If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s a risky business.


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Running a company can be a difficult task. The focus is rightly on results - on bringing in revenues, cutting costs or consolidating operations. However, as your company stretches for results it inevitably increases risk to get those returns. Business performance often runs counter to risk. Hence the need to shock-proof your business.


Our human capital practice group has extensive experience of the development of risk leadership cultures, business restructuring and divestitures in organisations. This area of is fraught with legal and reputational risk and has a deep impact on the individuals affected. We firmly believe that restructuring activities should minimise the disruption to the business.


Today's digital economy offers companies a number of opportunities to accelerate the time to be paid by customers (B2B), reduce costs within finance departments, and ‬‭increase productivity - but few companies truly understand how to get the best use of this new ‬‭payment technology. Many find the whole process confusing and time consuming.‬‭


The history of western companies doing business in China is a risk filled litany of woe. Many companies entering the Chinese market think they can easily replicate what has worked in their home market and end up getting bogged down in red tape, loss of products due to copyright and patent infringements and large trading losses.


In the digital age the wrong tweet, a bad review or wrong initial public response can drastically affect your company. You cannot control what is put on the web about you but you can control the discussion and ensure that your business is protected from malicious trolls or uneven criticism.


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