why clients say they don't need our services

Here are the three main reasons we’ve heard from potential clients who have clearly needed our assistance but resisted. When we hear them we know one of the major risks facing this business is the quality of the Management.

"I Buy Insurance to Cover My Risks"

  • Insurance is a valuable tool to soften the financial impact following a shock event. However, it plays no part in reducing a risk happening, only its impact. The other limitation is that after you have lost your manufacturing facility, or had a product recall, for example, which are typical insurable events, you are not supplying product to the market.

  • While you are rebuilding your factory, fixing your product quality problems, or dealing with your litigation your competitors move in and the marketplace moves on - without you. You may receive a cheque from the insurers (and insurers aren’t known for their generosity!) but you may not have a business. At the very least you’ll have many years of hard work ahead, rebuilding your business just to get back to where you were.

  • On a more positive note, insurers themselves lay great stock in well risk managed businesses. It’s a well known fact that the better risk managed your business, the lower your insurance premiums. Insurers hate paying claims. They take a long time to write their cheques, and will pour over everything to ensure they only pay the minimum for what they have to. Then they give you punishing renewal premiums (or refuse to insure you in the future). It’s a much better strategy to avoid having to rely on making a claim.

"My People Are Too Busy"

  • We recognise that our process requires an investment from both senior management and those who directly manage the risks themselves. Our Business Shock Proofing process will upscale your workforce, giving them a personal development opportunity to increase a very marketable skill. We recognise those individuals who embrace and devote effort to shock –proofing your business by issuing a certificate of proficiency to formally endorse their new skills.

"Your Fees Are Too Expensive"

  • Our sole success criteria is to add value to your business. We’re in the risk reduction business. So, to take all the risk out of any decision on our engagement we offer a fee guarantee. If we fail to add clear value in excess of our fees then you pay nothing. It’s as simple as that. That’s a pretty good deal. All you have is upside. Now we're talking Risk Management.
Because running a business shouldn't be about avoiding risk before it gets too late....

One of the key implementation issues that must be addressed is how to overcome a corporate culture that is lacking or even negative toward risk management.


Risk management should be an enterprise-wide exercise and engrained in the business culture of the organization.


Luck is unreliable.


In spite of your fear, do what you have to do.